Thank you for your interest in the full-time Line Cook position with the TBAR. 

This is a great job for the right person.  The Line at TBAR is the backbone of our establishment; strong kitchen understanding, honesty, and integrity are important qualities for this position.  Hours are 9:30 am-until the end of food service at 6:00 pm.  Flexible pay is based on experience and performance.


Email resume to 

•   If not included in most recent employment, include at least 1 kitchen experience: dates/length of employment, company name and location, job description/responsibilities, etc.



•  Describe 3 qualities you possess that make you a super employee. Give us an idea of who you would be as a TBAR prep-cook.

•  Will you commit for remainder of ski season?

 Requirements and Descriptions: 

•   Past kitchen experience

•   Exhibit basic culinary skills

•   Independently prepares various foods following recipes

•   Able to organize and prioritize tasks

•   Maintain high pace while prepping

•   Completes tasks timely and efficiently

•   Sufficient knife skills

•  Keep kitchen organized and clean

•   Label products correctly

•  Rotate products based on dates

•  Properly stores food in correct areas

•   Accountability for work performance

•  Handle food in compliance with proper health and safety requirements

•   Report noticed problems with equipment

•   Is responsive to suggestions and direction

•   Maintain positive relationships and attitudes towards co-workers and customers

•  Responsible for getting scheduled shifts covered if needed

•  Down for whatever other duties comes up

•  Part of badass team

•  Have fun



TBAR is an equal opportunity employer.  If your application is chosen for interview, 2 referrals with phone and email contacts may be requested. (1 work associate, 1 personal)

If you have any questions or need clarifications please email us

Thank you for your time and inquiry,