Requirements and Descriptions: Please commit yourself to the following...

  • Commitment to entire season including closing/ cleaning period required.  
  •  Stand for long periods of time
  •  Lift and carry 50+ lbs.
  • Two years + experience in various stations in kitchen.
  •  Maintain positive relationships and attitudes with coworkers and customers.
  • Can work in a high demand environment
  • Can function in small, open kitchen
  •  Is responsive to suggests and direction
  •  Independent skills in kitchen including area set up, cleanliness, keeping yourself busy during down time, quality control of product, organization, inventory, prep cook lists, etc.
  • Ability to organize tasks and work spaces
  • Superb communication skills regarding tickets and dish preparation
  • Can create specials
  •  Can receive orders and put away
  • Clean and/or organize walk in refrigerators and freezers, as assigned
  • Handle food in compliance with proper health and safety requirements
  •  Wants to be part of, and contribute to a badass team
  •    Other duties, as assigned
  •   Work scheduled shifts, which may include holidays.
  •  Responsible for getting scheduled shifts covered for time off
  •  Have fun


Hours: Kitchen is open at 11am-6pm. Skiing prior to opening is an option as long as station is ready to go and you are on line by 10:45am.  Morning prep time is roughly 2 hrs.  Opportunities are available to grow with the company.  This is a seasonal position available during ski season where return employment is encouraged.


Email an attached resume  to that includes:

  • Name, contact info, etc
  •  3 most recent work experiences: dates, job description, location, why you are no longer working with these employers
  • Include additional work experiences in kitchens: dates/length of employment, company, job description/responsibilities, etc



  1.  Touch on your persoanl work ethics and describe 3 qualities you possess that contribute to a well flowing, high-paced kitchen environment. 
  2. Have you ever been terminated from employment? If yes, explain.
  3.  Have you ever quit employment without giving at least 2 weeks notice?  If yes explain.
  4. What is your schedule availability?

 TBAR is an equal opportunity employer.  If your application is chosen for interview, 2 referrals with phone and email contacts will be requested. ( 1 work associate, 1 personal). 

 Thank you for your time and inquiry,